First Glass Optics is your appropriate contact around your glass project: From selecting materials, design or optical calculations, efficient manufacturing methods to series production and surface treatment. The company location in Goslar and a network of partners offers various of production opportunities. In the past 12 years we have delivered a multitude of products for well known lighting manufacturers.

First Glass Optics will handle your glass project in an economical and responsible manner.
Ovens for glass melting
Centerpieces are our ovens for the glass production which are used for sample and series manufacturing of centrifugal and moulded glass products.
The moulded products need often further treatment. This includes for example drilling holes, sawing, sandblasting, grinding and polishing.
Thanks to our well equipped machinery and new staff we are able to take over the described production steps by our own.
Measurement technique
We run photometric and colour measurements in a specifically built laboratory. In addition we use a tactile and an optical 3D measuring device for highest precision.

Our Iocation in Goslar

Hardening technology
As a service we make our hardening facility available for glass products manufactured at your site. Use the advantages of the tempering process and the associated higher resistivity of the glass products.