Light is existential. Apart from reflectors, multi array lenses and lenses for general lighting, industrial and opto-electronic applications increases in importance. LED fibre illumination and the required optical tie-in connections are becoming more popular. In the medical field dental and OP lamps provide an important contribution towards diagnosis and therapy.

The list of fascinating applications are long.

We are looking forward to your idea!
Light and illumination technology
Optics & electronics
Medical engineering
Automotive, industrial applications & decorative articles
For example:
Architectural lighting, decorative lighting, interior and exterior lighting, industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, studio and entertainment illuminations, street lighting, tunnel lighting
For example:
Fibre optics, sensors, measuring instruments, tie-in connections
For example:
Dental technology, medical practice accessories, surgical equipment, surgical lamps
For example:
Glass elements, accessories for kitchen and bathroom
There shall be light!
Of course we have an open mind for all glass projects also besides the light and Illumination industry. Glass is by its transparancy and weather resistance in comparison to plastic a treasured material for architects and product designers.