We have access to excellent tactile and optical 3D measuring devices. Both machines are state-of-the-art and offer precise measurements plus significant test charts. We would like to fulfill your measuring tasks as a service.
Inform us about your measuring problems - we would be pleased to be your partner concerning accuracy.
From the right material to the point of refinement
First Glass Optics takes care of your project by means of qualified partners in the subject of:

> The material
> Questions of the design or optical calculations
> Proceeding and processing
> Surface refinement and finishing, coating or toughening
Proceeding & Processing
Besides our own production, we have access to a big pool of partners regarding manufacturing and post processing of glass. Thereby there are several handling processes to choose. For the smaller part we go back to manual manufacturing, in doing so the glass is removed, pressed or centrifuged with the corresponding devices by hand. This process is useful for smaller quantities or centrifugal products. For the most numbers of products semiautomatic and automatic glass processes are used. The advantage is a high reproducibility at high volumes.
Thermal Toughening
By means of thermal hardening, the resistivity of glass products will increase. In this process the glass components will be heated beyond the transformation area (approx. 630 ° C) and will be quenched afterwards with cold air. Thereby the surface is already solidified while the hot core still is tightening. Compression strengths dominates the outer layer - tensile strength the inside.
Benefit from our innovative hardening process - we offer our optical components and lighting glass with added hardness. We are able to achieve the high technical demands of explosionproof luminaire.

As a service we make our hardening facility available for glass products manufactured at your site. Don’t hesitate to contact us - it would be our pleasure to advise you.
3D Measuring tasks